Saturday, 15 June 2013

Joseph's first anatomy lesson

It's great having a daddy who can draw and teach!  

Posted by Juliette 
This morning (9th June) we showed Joseph the cup (face mask) we are using for some of Sammy's physio. We then told him about Sammy's lungs. We realised he didn't know what lungs were (he's 4) so Mark brought Joseph's chalk board into the bedroom for an anatomy lesson. It was brilliant. Joseph knows lots of things about his body. He has picked up knowledge from things Mark and I have said, listened to Nina and the Neurons and Dr Ranj from CBeebies and built up quite a bit of knowledge of skeletons through a fascination with all things related to pirates (skull & cross bones). I was impressed. 

Mark and Joseph talked their way around a skeleton and internal organs and then Joseph gave daddy's drawing a suitable silly name.  
Mr Funnybonkheadgilly brainhead hearthead lungheadhands wavyness! 

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